Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hello Everybody,
Just a little update. Eden's Pathway Lifestyle Center is now at it's new location in Reliance Tennessee. It has been a big job trying to get the ministry settled and up and runing like normal. This is why I have been away from posting anything. I do hope that the things I have been posting on God's Amazing Grace and Brittany's Kitchen Corner, have been a blessing. I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday season and it has been full of many blessings, and I don't mean material blessing's, I mean the spritual blessings that come each and everyday from God. If you take the time to look you will see them all around. God watches each and everyone of us and He loves us so much. Let's love Him back by keeping His commandments.

May God bless you throughout this new year that is ahead of us.

In His Service
Brittany Brown

"God requires His people to shine as lights in the world. It is not merely the ministers who are required to do this, but every disciple of Christ. Their conversation should be heavenly."
~Christain Service page 20, pg 3